I'm Maarja.

I found my love for the photography over 18 years ago, when I was modelling myself. I liked to be in front of camera and tried to get there in any chance I got. At some point I felt that I should try and take pictures of others as well. I started to take pictures of my friends for social media.

First I didn't even have a camera, I had to borrow it from my friend. Very-very first shoots I did on a film. You could take 24-36 pictures on one roll, then you went and got them developed. Sometimes you had to wait a whole week to get the pictures...different times...

But it all got easier with digital cameras with 3,2 MP, hehe. I remember the happiness, when I got my first digital camera. This tiny silver plasticky thing with digital zoom, that was worthless in action. BUT babysteps...I learned a lot using this tiny camera, all my friends and classmates got new pics every month.

Of course my hunger for something better and more capable grew...I HAD to have a proper DSLR! And I manifested it. That was the very first thing I really feel that I manifested with my thoughts - I never wanted anything more! I went to sleep every night, imagining how I already had that camera in my hand and how I felt using it. I was about 17 years old at that time and had no money, I wasn´t working (obviously). BUT somehow that camera found a way to me through one partner-deal my mother had at the time (she was in advertising). I could have never afforded such an expensive camera myself at the time, so I believe in manifestation whole heartedly!

From that point on I started making some money with shoots. And I always knew that's what I wanna do for the rest of my life, if not as a work then as a hobby for sure! Til this day this is what I do...

I am lucky that I get to do something that I truly love as a work.

My most favorite category is portraits and boudoir. But I also shoot families and lovers. And sometimes, not very often, I get to shoot some weddings also. I have never seen myself as a wedding photographer full time, but if you like my style, then I am ready to shoot!